Omar Ayub asserts PTI founder's imminent release, end of incumbent governments

Omar Ayub asserts PTI founder's imminent release, end of incumbent governments


Plans to hold nationwide protests

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QUETTA (Dunya News) - Opposition leader and central general secretary of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Omar Ayub has made bold claims regarding the impending release of PTI founder and the eventual downfall of the incumbent governments.

Ayub revealed plans to orchestrate nationwide protests and rallies, asserting that their movement would bring an end to the current regimes.

In a press briefing in Quetta, taking a swipe at the ruling authorities, Omar Ayub derisively labeled the governments as "mountains of sand" propped up on crutches formed by Form 47.

He insisted Sharif family was afraid of prisoner number 804, reference to the PTI founder detained in Adiala jail.

He criticized the detention of 106 prisoners under military courts, vehemently denouncing civilian trials conducted within military courts jurisdiction.

Omar Ayub emphasized the PTI founder's pivotal role in raising awareness among the youth. He reiterated that the PTI movement harbors a singular agenda of upholding the rule of law and the constitution.

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PTI leader Omar Ayub lauded the unwavering support of party workers during challenging times and announced the inclusion of PPP's Sharif Khilji into the party, welcoming him for his commitment to the party's ideology of justice and the rule of law.

Opposition leader Omar Ayub commended the public's participation in two historic processions in Balochistan despite governmental restrictions.

PTI leader condemned any undue influence on judges and interference in judicial matters.