Electoral rigging: Opposition parties forge alliance, to hold first protest demo in Balochistan today

Electoral rigging: Opposition parties forge alliance, to hold first protest demo in Balochistan today


Achakzai to lead the Tehreek-e-Tahafuze Ayeen-e-Pakistan

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QUETTA (Dunya News) – The newly-formed six-party alliance has announced to stage its first protest demonstration today (Saturday) against alleged rigging in February 8 elections.

The anti-government front of the six opposition parties will start their movement under the Tehreek-e-Tahafuze Ayeen-e-Pakistan against the alleged rigging, manipulations and alterations in election results.

Umar Ayub, Mehmood Khan Achakzai, Liaquat Baloch, Hamid Raza, Allama Raja Nasir Abbas and others participated in the meeting of the six opposition parties which was hosted by Sardar Akhtar Mengal.

Important decisions were taken in the meeting. Achakzai was named president of the movement.

Omar Ayub

While holding a press conference with leaders of the six-party opposition alliance in Quetta, Opposition Leader Umar Ayub said that a historic meeting was held, the opposition alliance was going to be formed. This was its second meeting.

He said leadership of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Sunni Ittehad Council (SIC), Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), Balochistan National Party (BNP), PakhtunKhwa MIlli Awami Party (PkMAP), Majlis Wahdat Muslimeen (MWM) was there.

Omar Ayub said the main objective of this alliance was to reject the government formed on the basis of Form 47. Unfortunately in Pakistan there were two laws in force simultanously.

He said, "We want to end the two-law system from the country. People's rights will be protected only when there is one law in the country. The Parliament should be supreme in the country."

On this occasion, Umar Ayub Khan announced the name of the opposition alliance, he said the name of the alliance had been chosen as Tehreek-e-Tahafuze Ayeen-e-Pakistan (Movement for Protection of the Constitution of Pakistan).

Mahmood Khan Achakzai had been appointed as the president of this movement with consensus.

The opposition leader said two protest demonstrations will be held from the platform of this alliance, one in Pishin and the other in Chaman.

Umar Ayub said that he was forming a coordination committee in which the representative of each party will be included. The committee will prepare an action plan on the important points of the constitution.

The next meeting will be held in Lahore on April 29.

Mahmood Khan Achakzai

President of the opposition alliance Tehreek-e-Tahafuze Ayeen-e-Pakistan, speaking on the occasion, said no party in the alliance was against the Pakistan Army or the soldiers.

It was the brave army that protected the borders and the people who were sleeping peacefully. He said, "No matter what happens, we will defend the Constitution.

The Constitution is a social agreement. We will hold rallies from today to protect it, whether it is a civil organization or military, no extension should be given to any personality or officer.

Achakzai said, "We appeal to all the people to help us. We will neither abuse nor speak ill of anyone, we will talk about civilian supremacy."

Akhtar Mengal

Talking to the media after the meeting, Akhtar Mengal said the formation of the movement had been officially announced today. Announcement of this movement should have been made 25 years ago, he said.

He said that the country was formed in 1947 and the Constitution was also violated in Form 47. He said interference of any organization in political affairs will not be tolerated.

Allama Raja Nasir Abbas

Talking on this occasion, Raja Nasir Abbas said the attack on the Constitution was actually an attack on the existence of Pakistan.

The Constitution was being openly violated in Pakistan. "We are fighting against the violators of the Constitution."
Abbas said the situation in the country was worse than the law of the jungle.

"We have to run the country according to the Constitution."

Liaquat Baloch

Liaquat Baloch, expressing his views on the occasion, said the trial of civilians should be done only in civil courts, the recovery of missing persons was not only the responsibility of institutions but also of political parties.

He said the real problem was that the Constitution should be implemented in the country. If the constitution was implemented, the people would also get their rights. All points will be kept in the Majlis Shura.