Indian army another false flag operation failed

Indian army another false flag operation failed


Indian army another false flag operation failed

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ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Another false flag operation of Indian army has been exposed and turned futile.

It occurred that disgrace has become synonymous with the Indian army as it has resorted to yet another conspiracy to link innocent souls with terrorism.

Few days ago, five young people from Grace Valley in Neelam Valley left home in search of herbs and did not return.

The missing persons were Muhammad Faiz son of Mangata, Sher Afzal son of Noor Alam, Siddique son of Tawasin, Ghulam Rasool son of Khan Wali and Sarfraz son of Hafizullah.

The victim's family filed a missing report with the local police and, two days later, social media accounts linked to RAW and Indian newspapers suddenly started a propaganda.

The Indian newspapers started to publish a story that so-called terrorists have been captured with some papers pretending that five people were killed.

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As the track record, the Indian occupying forces might have killed those people who mistakenly crossed the LoC.

Meanwhile, the Indian army and fanatical media have started falsely accusing Pakistan of infiltration by associating innocent people with terrorism.

After suffering diplomatic defeats in Canada, Qatar, England and the world, India has not been able to show its face to the whole world.

According to the security experts, the Modi government has resorted to dirty and dirty tactics against Pakistan to seek political gains and jingoism.

It should be remembered that a day ago, Qatar sentenced 8 Indian Navy officers to death on the charge of espionage, and, to hide this loss, the Indian army also targeted the civilian population by firing in the Zafarwal sector.

Previously, Indian intelligence agencies were involved in the killing of Sikhs in England and Canada which brought notoriety to India. As expected, India used the false flag operation to shift the attention of its public and also to gain global sympathy.