JI announces anti-Israel protest outside US embassy on Oct 29

JI announces anti-Israel protest outside US embassy on Oct 29


JI announces anti-Israel protest outside US embassy

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LAHORE (Dunya News) – Jamaat-e-Islami chief Sirajul Haq has announced the party will hold a protest demonstration in favour of the Palestinians outside the US embassy in Islamabad on Oct 29 (Sunday). 

Sirajul Haq, during a Palestine conference here on Wednesday, highlighted the significance of Gaza, saying it was as important to Pakistan as the occupied valley of Kashmir. 

He estimated that nearly 0.3 million Israeli soldiers were occupying Gaza, adding that thousands of Palestinians were currently languishing in Israeli captivity. 

Siraj voiced concern that the ongoing battle might take the form of a third world war, if Israeli atrocities went on unabatedly. 

The JI chief reiterated his call for the Muslim rulers to come forward to save the innocent Palestinians of Gaza, stating, “We must step out of our confines to play an active role in cessation of the ongoing Israeli aggression.” 

Drawing attention to the US patronage of Israel, Siraj said while US President Joe Biden had openly warned that America was standing by the Zionists, the Muslim world had also declared its unequivocal support for Palestinian brethren. “We will not leave them alone,” declared Siraj.  

He also called for an economic boycott of Israeli companies and their products and services.