India's Hindutva fascism poses potential threats to entire region: PM Kakar

India's Hindutva fascism poses potential threats to entire region: PM Kakar


India's Hindutva fascism poses potential threats to entire region: PM Kakar

NEW YORK (Dunya News) – Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaarul Haq Kakar on Thursday expressed concerns about India's growing Hindutva fascism, highlighting its potential threats to the entire region.

In his address to the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), an independent think-tank, PM Kakar condemned India's Hindutva ideology, asserting that it posed threats not only to Indian society, but to the entire region.

The PM observed that the religious minorities were being targeted under the rogue Hindutva fascism. He also highlighted the importance of diversity of opinion in civilised societies, citing the recent killing of a Sikh leader in Canada as an example of Hindutva impact beyond Indian borders.

Kakar assured that Pakistan welcomed Hindu pilgrims and provided them with complete freedom to visit their holy places.

Discussing regional dynamics, PM Kakar noted a cooperative atmosphere with the current Afghan government on certain matters. He voiced his apprehension regarding the escalating terrorism activities perpetrated by banned groups like Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and Daesh, underscoring their threat to global peace. He also highlighted the prolonged presence of the world's largest military force, including the US and other major military powers, in Afghanistan over two decades.

The PM stressed the need for lasting peace in Afghanistan, acknowledging that Pakistan had been consistently impacted by terrorism. He also expressed optimism about improving relations with Afghanistan, and cited the fluid nature of global political history, which rarely remained static.

About the upcoming general elections in Pakistan, the interim PM emphasised that his caretaker government's primary mission was to oversee the completion of free and impartial elections, scheduled for January, with full participation by all registered political parties in Pakistan.

PM Kakar also touched the subject of Pakistan and China ties, emphasising the strategic relationship between Pakistan and China and their alignment on various regional and global issues.

The prime minister underscored the need to enhance trade between Pakistan and the United States, advocating for expanded cooperation in various sectors. He also mentioned the establishment of a special Investment Facilitation Council for foreign investment.

Kakar also mentioned the presence of Pakistani students in American universities under scholarship programmes and the substantial Pakistani diaspora contributing in diverse fields within the United States, numbering around one million individuals.