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Punjab govt bans rallies in Lahore for week as PTI flexes its muscles for rally

Punjab govt bans rallies in Lahore for week as PTI flexes its muscles for rally


The ban will remain in place for seven days, orders additional chief secretary

LAHORE (Dunya News) – The Punjab government on Wednesday imposed a ban on rallies, processions and gatherings in Lahore for seven days due to security reasons. 

The imposition of the Section 144 comes as the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is set to hold a demonstration in the Punjab capital to show solidarity with judiciary following the Supreme Court’s verdict regarding holding of elections in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Additional Chief Secretary Shakeel Ahmed has issued the order, stating: “It has been observed that number of rallies and protests are held therein on daily basis at different places of District Lahore, which not only pose serious security threats but also disrupt traffic and cause inconvenience to public at large. There is also a history of terrorist activities in the rallies/ protests. wherein, a number of police officials and civilians embarrassed shahadat [martyrdom]”.

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“Hence, in the context of prevailing overall security situation in the wake of recent wave of terrorism & latest threat alerts, it has been necessary to impose section 144 of Cr.P.C, 1898 on holding of all kinds of Assemblies, Gatherings, Sits-in, Rallies. Processions, Demonstrations, Jalsas, Dharnas, Protests and such like other activities across the district Lahore to avert any untoward incident,” reads the order.

The additional chief secretary said the order shall come into force with immediate effect and remain in force for seven days.

Earlier, the Home Department asked the PTI leaders in Lahore to take extra precaution during the party’s rally in Lahore, saying such public gatherings are “not advisable” due to security threats.

The department has also sent a letter to PTI leader Dr Yasmin Rashid. “The leadership of PTI including Chairman PTI is also expected to address the general public/ participants at different places during a rally in Lahore today. It is also expected that a large number of people are likely to attend the said rally,” it said

The letter stated that the public gatherings are not advisable due to prevailing security situation of the country. “Furthermore, women march Is also going to be held In connection with International Women’s Day” which is likely to draw a large number of participants,” it said.

“Therefore , in view of aforementioned facts, It Is reiterated that the organizers of PTI rally should take extra precautions and cooperate with LEAs to thwart any untoward incident,” the letter said.