Another purported audio of Bushra Bibi muddies the waters

Another purported audio of Bushra Bibi muddies the waters


Another purported audio of Bushra Bibi comes to light

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Another purported audio of Bushra Bibi, wife of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan, has come to the fore. 

The audio leak emerged days after an alleged audio clip of PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s wife Bushra Bibi and former special assistant to prime minister Zulfi Bukhari’s conversation about the sale of expensive wristwatches gifted to the former premier by world leaders.

In the latest leaked audio, Bushra Bibi can be heard grouching at Bani Gala’s administrator Inam Khan for taking pictures of Toshakhana gifts and lashed out at him for not taking permission from her.

The former first lady informed the former Bani Gala administrator, "From now on, you won t visit [my] house and stay where you are with those images."

In the earlier audio, Zulfi Bukhari was heard greeting Bushra Bibi and calling her “Murshid”. In reply, she asked about the caller’s wellbeing. She can also be heard saying that she has some watches of the former premier and that she wants him (Bukhari) to sell these as they are no longer in use. Mr Bukhari says he will sell these.

Later, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Zulfikar Bukhari on Thursday declared the alleged audio leak involving former first lady Bushra Bibi "fake" and demanded its forensic anlaysis. "Earlier, it was reported that the watch had been sold to a man, Umer Zahoor, but after serving him legal notice, a new story emerged. Mr Bukhari added that college students could also create audio like this. He said he was prepared to pay for the forensic analysis of the alleged audio. 

Transcript of the audio

Bushra Bibi: Hello!

Inaam: Assalamoalaikum

Bushra Bibi: Waalaikum salam. Did you ask Akbar to make its photographs of the items that came from the Toshakhana?

Inaam: No, I didn’t

Bushra Bibi: Then why were the photographs made? Photos of things that come inside the house shouldn’t be made. Photos should only be made of the things going outside the house.

Inaam: It was just that…

Bushra Bibi: Why are photos being made of things which are coming to me?

Inaam: No, I… I didn’t ask to…

Bushra Bibi: He said Inaam has asked me and I’ve sent those to him.

Inaam: No no no… I didn’t…

Bushra Bibi: Please hold.

Inaam: Sure.

Bushra Bibi to Akbar: Did you send the photos to Inaam?

Inaam: He has sent it, but I never asked

Bushra Bibi to Akbar: Did Inaam tell you to make photographs?

Bushra Bibi: What? What?

Bushra Bibi to Akbar: Who asked for the photos to be made? Who? Why? Who… what evidence? Photos of things coming inside the house can’t be made because they were coming to me. Photos should be made of things going outside the house. Who makes photos of things coming inside the house? Proof of what? Why… why do you need to approve anything? Did you ask me? Did you ask me?

Akbar: Sorry jee.

Bushra Bibi to Akbar: What do you mean by sorry jee? Did you ask me? You people have made a mockery of this house. The MS is trusting us. He didn’t make any photos, who are you to make the photos?

Bushra Bibi to Inaam: And why has he sent you the photos?

Inaam: Madam, I don’t know. I just received the photos that we’ve received these things and we’re sending them inside. I said okay, give it to Bibi, she’ll deal with it.

Bushra Bibi: What’s the point of this?

Inaam: Madam, what are we going to do with the photos or…

Bushra Bibi: No, what would you do? what would you do? You won’t be coming inside the house from now on? Do you get it?

Inaam: Okay.

Bushra Bibi: Stay where you are sitting with the photos.

Inaam: Okay.