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Kenyan police refused to produce officer involved in Arshad's murder case: DG FIA

Kenyan police refused to produce officer involved in Arshad's murder case: DG FIA


Kenyan police refused to produce officer involved in Arshad's murder case: DG FIA

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – The Director General (DG) Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Mohsin Butt on Saturday said that the Kenyan police refused to produce one of the four officers of the General Service Unit before Pakistani investigators who was among those who shot at Journalist Arshad Sharif.

In an interview with the U.S. news agency, DG FIA said the three shooters of the Kenyan police were interrogated by the Pakistani investigation team and their statements were not only grossly inconsistent but also illogical, adding that the three shooters repeated the same stance that the Kenyan police have previously stated in the media: that they stopped a vehicle on the bridge but opened fire on it when the vehicle did not stop, and in response, the people in that vehicle also opened fire on them.

"We believe Kenyan police are involved in the target killing of Arshad Sharif, and are not giving access to the shooter, and this is also very strange because the statement of this officer is crucial," said Mohsin Butt.

The next step, according to the DG FIA, is to register Arshad Sharif’s murder case with the FIA in Pakistan under Section 4 of the Extradition Act, but this registration will take place only after the federal government issues its orders, adding that Kenyan police are bound by international law to cooperate in the investigation of a crime such as the brutal murder of a journalist.

He further informed that the investigation by the joint team is still inconclusive and that the team will go to the UAE very soon.

Committee constituted to probe into Arshad Sharif’s body pictures leak

A seven-member inquiry committee constituted on Saturday to probe into pictures leak of renowned journalist Arshad Sharif’s body pictures who was murdered in Kenya last month.

The committee will be headed by PIMS director Dr. Khalid Mehsud, while the medical director, chairman of the medical board, and all members of the medical board are also part of the committee.

Muhammad Sohail, the Cameraman Medical Board, PIMS Mohiuddin and Others (if any are requested by the inquiry committee) will be included in the committee that will complete the inquiry within 24 hours and submit the report.

The inquiry committee meeting will be held on November 24 at 9:30 a.m.

On the other hand, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has handed the post-mortem report to Arshad Sharif’s mother.

Sources said that, Arshad Sharif’s post-mortem report has been shared with the Kenyan authorities, in which marks of torture have been found on his body and his nails have also been pulled from his fingers.