PTI starts preparations for general elections

 PTI starts preparations for general elections


PTI starts preparations for general elections

LAHORE (Dunya News) - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has started preparations for the general elections.

In this regard, PTI chairman and former Prime Minister Imran Khan ordered immediate mobilization of the Tiger Force and formed a committee over this matter.

While senator Saifullah Khan Niazi has been appointed to the committee formed by Imran Khan to mobilize the Tiger Force, and12 members from all provinces and the federation have been included in the committee.

Among the members are Sher Ali Arbab, Salman Amjad, Chaudhry Iqbal, Shahid Hussain, Khawaja Shams, Sohail Afridi, Arsalan Khalid, Farid Rehman, Rana Nadeem, Abdul Karim and Nauman Gul in the committee.

The Tiger Force Committee will organize Imran Khan Tiger Force across the country, this committee will report directly to Imran Khan, Imran Khan has called the first meeting of the committee.

According to the notification, this committee will mobilize workers at the grass-root level. The force will organize the Election Day and polling scheme, and wil also rganize the workers at the level of union council.