PTI and Army keeping Pakistan united, Imran Khan addresses Jhelum rally

PTI and Army keeping Pakistan united, Imran Khan addresses Jhelum rally


PTI and Army keeping Pakistan united, Imran Khan addresses Jhelum rally

JHELUM (Dunya News) – Former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan said on Tuesday that his party is a party of four provinces and Pakistan Army and PTI are keeping Pakistan united.

Addressing a rally in Jhelum, the former prime minister thanked the people for their overwhelming welcome and appreciated the participation of women and children in the demonstration. “It rarely happens that the whole nation comes together."

Imran Khan said that the whole nation has decided to fight the war of independence, never seen such a big rally, never seen such a rally in Jhelum.

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He said US Under Secretary Donald Lu told Pakistan’s ambassador that if Khan were ousted from the prime minister’s office, then “everything will be forgiven”.

“He said that if [I] is not removed, then Pakistan will face grave consequences,” the PTI chairman told his party workers, adding that following this, a “conspiracy” was launched to remove an elected leader of 220 million people.

Regarding Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) chief he said that Maulana Fazlur Rehman took the communications ministry to make money out of road and construction tenders. "But [his party] took up the ministry of communications which develops streets and highways — and through it, they will make [illicit] money," Khan said, as he referred to Maulana Asad Mehmood, who is Fazl s son and the minister of communications.

He said that the whole new cabinet is full of absconders and accused including Shehbaz Shareef and Zardari. The PML-N leadership is going to meet their absconder leader with the taxpayers’ money, he said. “When ‘cherry blossom’ was placed as the prime minister, the nation ‘stood’ against the government,” he said.

Imran Khan said that Shehbaz Sharif should be ashamed of accusing him of insulting the Army. Shehbaz Sharif and his brothers are the real Mir Jaffer and Mir Sadiq, he clarified.

The PTI chairman also questioned if former PM Nawaz Sharif and his brother Shehbaz Sharif have ever spoke about Indian Occupied Kashmir.

Regarding his Russia visit, Imran Khan said he asked President Putin to provide Pakistan oil on cheaper rate, adding that the Russian president had "agreed" to provide oil at a 30% cheaper rate to Pakistan, "but asked will Shehbaz Sharif dare to buy the oil from Russia?"

Vowing to bring around 2.5 million people to Islamabad, Imran Khan invited the people including men, women, and children to attend his public meeting scheduled after May 20, with the sole demand for elections.

He also asked the people to bring Pakistan’s national flags to future events as it was the struggle for Pakistan for which the nation had woken up.

Criticizing the previous rulers for putting the country under a debt burden, the PTI chairman said begging for financial assistance from other countries was a huge embarrassment for him.

Imran Khan told the gathering that during his whole tenure as prime minister, he did not pay any private visits abroad, contrary to other rulers. The ex-prime minister said he would never be worried if the incumbent government put him on Exit Control List as, with no riches or family members abroad, he never desired to go there.

Reiterating his stance on regime change conspiracy, Imran Khan said throughout Pakistan’s history, anyone including Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto had to face conspiracies whenever they stood up to safeguard the country’s interest.