Country's total debt increased by 70 per cent: Sherry Rehman

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) - Vice President Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and Senator Sherry Rehman said that the government has increased total debt of the country by 70%, every citizen has become indebted to Rs 235,000 now.

Expressing concern over the rising debt she said that by the end of the PPP government, country’s total debt was 16.2 billion, in 2018 loans reached Rs 29.8 billion and now Pakistan’s total debt and liabilities have crossed Rs 50.5 billion in 2021.

Sherry Rehman said that those who used to say that they will not take loans have taken a loan of Rs. 20.7 billion in just 3 years. This government increased the total debt of the country by 70%.

Earlier every Pakistani owed Rs. 144,000 however after the loans taken by this government every citizen has been indebted to Rs. 235,000 in just 3 years of this government now.

An additional burden of Rs. 91,000 has been imposed on each Pakistani, she added.