Maulana Ajmal has revealed that Nawaz Sharif sent him to Israel: Shahbaz Gill

LAHORE (Web Desk) - Dr Shahbaz Gill, Special Assistant to Prime Minister Imran Khan for political communication, said Friday that JUI-F leader Maulana Ajmal Qadri has revealed that Nawaz Sharif had sent him to Israel.

In his tweet, the SAPM added that after Maryam Safdar’s confession on Twitter that Nawaz Sharif sent two delegations to Israel, Maulana Ajmal Qadri has also admitted that the he was part of one such delegation.

He wrote that the nation now asks Maryam Safdar, an expert in lies, deceit, fraud and corruption, that why did Nawaz Sharif become an agent of Israel?

Continuing, he further wrote that this new revelation makes it clear why Nawaz Sharif spews venom against the Pakistani army. Now, the nation wants to know how long has this been going on. 

It is important to note that PML-N spokesperson Marriyum Aurangzeb has vehemently denied these allegations and said that no such delegation was ever sent by Nawaz Sharif s government.