Euro 2 is quite hazardous for human health too besides proper functioning of vehicles' engines.

Dunya News - Pakistan just like other fields of technology is lagging behind innovations made in fields of oil too. Cheap and third-rate Euro 2 petrol is still being consumed in Pakistan when world including India have gone way too ahead. At a time when world is consuming Euro 6 grade petrol, we in Pakistan are using inferior quality petrol which not only depreciating engines  life but smoke from such petrol causing human-related diseases too.

Lack of planning and quest to move ahead, our institutions are slumbering like never before. Euro 6 petrol is essential to be understood so that we could differentiate between different grades of petrol we on daily basis put into our vehicles.

From Euro 1 to Euro 6

Let us start with Euro 1 which is a yardstick of measuring quality of petrol and in which quantity of sulphur is 1000 parts per million (PPM). While this quantity is 500 PPM in Euro 2, 300 PPM in Euro 3, 50 PPM in Euro 4 and 10 PPM in Euro 5 and 6.

Euro 1 petrol was introduced in July 1992. After a deep slumber, relevant institutions kept on ignoring up gradation of petrol and could introduce only Euro 2.

Only 30 percent of petrol is produced in Pakistan while rest of it is gained through oil imports from KSA, Iran, and UAE primarily. These countries are producing Euro 5 level petrol and are planning to upgrade to Euro 6 till 2020. Iran is almost close to jumping to Euro 6. In this regard, relevant planning has been completed.

Astonishingly PARCO, Attock, National Refinery, Pakistan Refinery, Byco Refinery also use Euro 2, ignoring the latest technology of petrol.

Where does India stand?

Our arch-rival India has spent too many resources to upgrade oil technology. She has spent more than 550 billion rupees and is planning to spend more (Rs300 billion) in this sector. In 2000 India was at Euro 1 and introduced Euro 2 in 2005 while attained category 3 in 2010. India jumped to category 4 in 2016 and 5 in 2017. She is now eyeing on Euro 6 to meet international petroleum standards till 2020. With this, India would stand in line with America, Japan, and European Union.

Health hazards of Euro 2

Euro 2 is quite hazardous and is deadly for proper functioning of engines. This category limits engine s functioning life.

Owners of Petrol pumps accept the fact that they adulterate petroleum products but put blame on government for not listening to them. According to Abdul Sami, President Petrol Pumps Association of Pakistan, Iranian petrol comes to Pakistan and is quite cheap. Almost in entire Balochistan, this oil is being used. Laboratory tests have revealed that refineries in Pakistan are using lethal chemicals to increase Octane level in low quality petrol.

Now the burning question is, why has Pakistan not taken any step to upgrade quality of petrol? Former secretary petroleum G A Sabri opined, we had planned Euro 2 and Euro 3 in 1995. It has been delayed. Relevant stakeholders failed miserably, he said.

Unfortunately, these chemicals being used in petroleum products are causing too much damage to not only vehicles  engine, but also extracting dangerous particles which are extremely dangerous for human beings.

Doctors believe that in our countries factories have delayed installing desulfurization plants which has cost too much, also to humans. Our fuel contains sulphur which is degrading our environment.

Smoke from Euro 2 contains chemicals which are lethal for respiratory system and can even cause cancer. Stunted growth in children, asthma, eye illness, lungs and chest diseases etc. are among by-products of Euro 2.

We are using fuel which has more combustible particles than incombustible ones, said doctor Javed Ikram vice chancellor PIMS. He further said that not only quantity of smoke is dangerous but also quality too.

Sadly, throughout all these years stakeholders in petroleum and environment ministry failed to upgrade petrol quality. PTI government which believes to environment friendly would have to take immediate steps in order to improve air quality thus saving further degradation of climate. PM Imran Khan just recently took this matter and has vowed to upgrade petrol but only time will how serious he is.

Edited by Junaid Ali Malik