Zulfi Bukhari, Asad Umar, PM Khan and Pakistanis - Twitter talks about nothing but PTI Walas

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Top most trends on Twitter since hours, are about Zulfi Bukhari, Asad Umar, budget, PM Khan and PTI

(WebDesk) – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf after running a campaign against the ruling elite, their tactics to take the turns one after another and their misuse of the public money for decades had finally managed them to form a coalition government in the center and in three provinces of the country with strangely no harsh, substantial and potential opposition neither in center nor in provinces.

Despite all those bounties, PTI seems inconvincing in showing any performance in any of the department they early had been claimed for the rigorous reforms.

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Since the day, PTI led government took the charge of the office – PTI is constantly landed into the hot waters of pressure to show the performance, to act upon the plan of 100 days, to fulfill thousands of promises they made and prove all the allegations and act sternly against all the corrupts of the Pakistani politics and ruling elites.

It is being observed that every day, most of the debates not only on broadcast and print media but also on social media revolve around PTI and PTI governance. Among which rest of the issues are seemed overlooked and neglected.

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Today again, social media erupts with the three of the latest political development inside and outside of the National Assembly and almost all the trends on the social media are revolving around them.

The top most trends on Twitter since hours, are about Zulfi Bukhari, Asad Umar, budget, PM Khan, Pakistanis and National Assembly.

Let s have a sneak peak what Twitteratis are tweeting;

Zulfi Bukhari

Zulfi Bukhari, A controversial figure but a close aide of PM Imran Khan has been appointed as a special assistant to the Prime Minister Imran Khan and even given the status as a minister of State. Bukhari was put on ECL after the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) initiated an inquiry against him on the accusations of owning off-shore companies in the British Virgin Islands and owning assets beyond his known source of income. Also, friend of PM Imran Khan is a Brtish Passport holder and still has the dual nationality.

Twitteratis harshly criticize the announcement of the appointment of Zulfi Bukhari as State Minister and termed it nepotism and favoritism. Some social media users even allege that PTI is now paying off all the investment made upon them before elections to make way to the government.

Asad Umar and Budget

Finance Minister Asad Umar on Tuesday presented Pakistan PTI government’s amendments to the finance bill 2018 in the National Assembly and public which holds hopes and expectations that Naya Pakistan would bring them the relieve rather dropped a bomb of excessive taxes, curbing the subsidies and a double of the percentage of inflation.

Social mdia users have nothing to buzz but the latest mini budget along with a recent sky rocketed gas rates by ECC and an increase in the rate of the units of electricity on the way.

Though, keeping the faith in the expertise of the finance minister Asad Umar, some of the twitteratis appreciated the measures taken in the budget.

PM Khan and Pakistanis

And interesting among all the debates is the latest statement of PM Khan made in his visit to Karachi on Sunday where he announced to give the nationality to the refuges especially those residing in Karachi.

A mix reaction is being observed on twitter as some of the social media users are appreciating Khan’s decision to grant them nationality whereas some alleged Khan’s move to increase his vote bank, some criticizes his categoric announcement to grant nationality to only those who are settled in Karachi only and some even are discussing his latest statement in NA to have consent over the issue to grant nationality to the refugees.

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By Mehreen Fatima