In Pictures: Garbage, Garbage and Garbage, Stinking Karachi!

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Heaps of garbage and dilapidated drainage system turn Karachi into tragedy.

(WebDesk) - Karachi, once the pleasant, city of lights and flagrance has now unfortunately turned into a bin of rubbish and litter over past two or three decades. There can be seen heaps of garbage around every corner of the city and no government seems to give the issue enough importance to be resolved hence the garbage is adding up over the passage of time and the city is turning more to a home to debris and junk than to its residents. Damaged sewerage lines are another reason behind the increasing littering issues of Karachi.

These damaged sewerage lines at different locations in the city have been a consistent headache to the locals. The dilapidated drainage system turn roads into ponds and commuters face extreme disturbance. Stake holders are many but none is ready to take the responsibility to resolve the issues for good. They come up with temporary solutions at time but they are of no help in taking away the long-term suffering of the citizens.

The rotting rubbish lying on the streets, roads, under flyovers and almost everywhere, turn Karachi into a tragedy. This issue needs immediate attention and should be resolved before the blink of an eye otherwise it’s just a matter of time!

Karachi: Stagnant malodorous water in streets. Photo: Online

KARACHI: A view of garbage filled Gujjar Nullah. Photo: Online

KARACHI: A view of garbage filled nullah at Kahda area. Photo: Online

KARACHI: A view of garbage on People Colony area after cleaning work of sewerage lines. Photo: Online


KARACHI:  A view of damage sewerage nullah at Orangi Town No 10. Photo: Online


KARACHI: Gujjar Nullah becomes garbage dump. Photo: Online

KARACHI: A woman walk past the sewerage garbage on Jahangir road after cleaning work of drain lines. Photo: Online