Chief Justice Shah owns assets worth Rs 29.4 million and paid estimated tax of Rs. 1,643,528

LAHORE (Dunya News) – Chief Justice of Lahore High Court (LHC) Syed Mansoor Ali Shah took a historic initiative by revealing the detail of his assets according to which he owns a total wealth of Rs. 29.4 million.

It was told on Tuesday that he paid Rs. 1,643,528 in taxes, owns two vehicles and three properties.

Dunya News obtained the details of LHC CJ’s assets. According to the detail, an increase of Rs. 104,024 was recorded in his assets during the time of one year. He owns two cars, household furniture of Rs. 0.2 million, jewelry worth Rs. 55,0000, and three bank accounts in the documents of assets.

Chief Justice Shah had earned Rs. 11,203,776 in 2015-16 out of which he spent Rs. 11,131,463 and an increase of Rs. 104,024 was recorded within one year.

Two out of three properties are in Pakistan while the third is in Dubai. The properties in Lahore (Defence), Islamabad and Dubai have documented worth of Rs. 2,050,000, Rs. 2,065,000 and Rs. 2,381,000 respectively. He spent Rs. 1,960,060 on education of children and Rs. 48,000 in school fee.

His expenditures account for Rs. 5,969,381 in household expenses and Rs. 1,354,492 in travel expenses. Having no personal business, he declared his salary as the single source of income which is approximated at Rs. 0.9 million per month.

He owes Rs. 2,296,666 to relatives and friends while Rs. 300959 to MCB.