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India involved in terrorist acts, Army Chief presents evidence to US

Dunya News

India's involvement in terrorist activities in Pakistan was revealed by Secretary for Defense.

ISLAMABAD (Dunya news) – The Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Raheel Shareef on Monday presented evidence to the United States (US) which shows India’s involvement in the various terrorist incidents that have occurred in Pakistan. The Secretary for Defense also told the Senate’s standing committee during a briefing that the US has completely assured the assassination or the capture of Mullah Fazal-ullah.

According to the details, India’s involvement in terrorist activities in Pakistan was revealed by the Secretary for Defense Retired Lt. General Alam Khattak in a meeting of Senate’s standing committee regarding defense.

The Secretary for Defense briefed the participants on the Army Chief s visit to the US and their assurances for the capture or assassination of Mullah Fazal-ullah. He told the participants that Fazal-ullah had escaped a drone attack carried out in Afghanistan.

The defense spokesperson further explained that the US was made aware of the security vision for the next 5 years during a Pak-US defense advisory meeting. The US will provide ammunition and security equipment in order to deal with the security challenges.

The Secretary also informed that Afghanistan’s top delegation will visit Pakistan in the next month. He also told that the system for secret intelligence information sharing between Pakistan, Afghanistan and the US has been improved.

The participants of the meeting were also told that the US would give Pakistan 1 billion dollars in regards to the support fund whereas the US army will remain in Afghanistan till the end of this year.