Laila Wasti shares experience of rejoining drama industry

Laila Wasti shares experience of rejoining drama industry


She appears on Dunya TV show 'Mazaaqrat

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(Web Desk) - Television actor Laila Wasti appeared on Dunya TV show 'Mazaaqrat,' hosted by Imran Ashraf, where she discussed topics related to her beauty and her return to the entertainment industry.

Discussing her return to showbiz, she remarked, "Surprisingly, I didn't encounter any difficulty working with fellow actors upon re-entering the industry.

It felt like a rebirth as an actor while the industry knew me, I was new to the younger generation."

She expressed, "Beauty is something I inherited from my mother.

It's not something we achieve, but it does play a significant role in securing projects.

Moreover, with both my parents being from showbiz, it naturally opened doors for me.

Initially, I wasn't keen on pursuing acting, perhaps because it seemed ordinary to me because my parents belonged to this profession."

“However, an opportunity arose when Nusrat Thakur approached me to play Anarkali in his drama.

My parents agreed to his proposal on my behalf. I traveled to Lahore for rehearsals, accompanied by Samiya Mumtaz. Unfortunately, the project didn't materialise due to copyright issues,” the actor said.

Laila Wasti also talked about getting the chance to play a vital character in Khaie and her rebirth as an actor, talking about it she said, “It was a wonderful experience, each actor perfectly nailed his/her character in Khaie.

It was shot in the mountains, we had difficulties in travelling but otherwise it was a great experience.”