Young men scare Preity Zinta in bid to take her pictures

Young men scare Preity Zinta in bid to take her pictures


Guys, you are all scaring me, Preity told them

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(Web Desk) - Preity Zinta seems pestered by some young men who surround her for taking pictures on her way, prompting the actor to utter, “Guys, you are all scaring me.”

Preity Zinta was spotted in Mumbai, however, she was left visibly uncomfortable by the paparazzi’s persistence in taking her picture.

The actress was out in a vest, jeans and sandals.

Whilst walking, photographers could be seen taking pictures of Preity on their phones and following her.

Others were heard requesting Preity to turn around and pose for photos.

Preity appeared to be on a call and the paparazzi’s request prompted her to halt her conversation.

Looking visibly uncomfortable, Preity told them:
“Guys, you are scaring me.”

As she walked off, one photographer asked her to wait.

Preity briefly turned around and bluntly told the group: “Bye.”

She then waved, smiled and walked off.

The clip was shared online and quickly went viral, with many netizens criticising the paparazzi for surrounding Preity.

Calling the group out for giving Preity no space, one said:
“It’s true… give the woman space to walk and for her to hear who she’s talking to on the phone.

“The paps are borderline rude. It’s unacceptable!”

Another wrote: “Most disgraceful people. Behave decently and stop harassing people. How are you Ma’am it seems.

“She’s saying you are scaring her and you are just saying no no no no and started yelling again.”

A third added: “Rubbish you guys invading people’s privacy stop your nonsense it’s not funny.”