Nida Yasir says men too face societal pressures

Nida Yasir says men too face societal pressures


She opens up about societal pressure and explained that men also face it

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(Web Desk) - Nida Yasir has opened up about the societal pressure men as well as women face.

Speaking at a morning programme, Nida shared her views about the struggles men face to gain a stable career and relationship.

She expressed that although it was evident that women are taunted for their life choices, it is important to recognise that men go through the same ordeal.

Nida said: “Women do receive taunts, but a boy is severely hurt when, after studying he looks for a job, his career is not stable, and he too must bear taunts.

“Whether he can’t find a job, or the job isn’t great, he too bears the taunts in society, not just women.

“We won’t just speak about women, we will speak about men too. No matter how hard he works, he bears these taunts related to money.”

The conversation took place whilst societal expectations were discussed.

Nida’s guests agreed with her sentiments and it was said that alongside men, their wives and children would also have to hear the taunts that their husband was unable to provide for them.

Nida went on to discuss the stigma around a marriage proposal for a man who was not yet in a secure job but held the desire to get married.

She explained that no matter how nice the man was, he would be scrutinised for bringing forward his proposal when he was not in a steady job.

Sharing her opinion, Nida Yasir stated that it was an unrealistic approach to expect a newly graduated man to walk into an already-established career and that there should be a more realistic approach to the matter.

Nadia Khan also shared her thoughts on the matter and said that women were usually faced with taunts from people in the society they lived in.

She went on to say that controlling one’s emotions and words was a great way to show self-control and empowerment.