Angelina Jolie saddened by forced evacuations from Pakistan

Angelina Jolie saddened by forced evacuations from Pakistan


Angelina Jolie saddened by forced evacuation from Pakistan

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(Web Desk) - Angelina Jolie, a Hollywood actor and rights activist, expressed her sadness over Pakistan's forced relocation of over a million ‘suffering’ refugees. 

In an Instagram post, the Oscar winner stated, "Pakistan has long supported numerous Afghan refugee families."

Her tweet was followed by images of families and Afghan refugees escaping across borders with their limited possessions.

“I am saddened they would so abruptly push back refugees who face the impossible realities of trying to survive in today’s Afghanistan, where women have again been deprived of all rights and the possibility of education, many are being imprisoned, and there is a deep humanitarian crisis,” she said in her post.

Jolie described it as a new tragedy in the long history of the suffering of the Afghan people, who have endured nothing but war, turmoil and displacement for more than 40 years,

She called the ongoing evacuation as yet another illustration of the ‘backsliding in human rights’ throughout the world.

“After all the promises that were made of a better future for the Afghan people," the actor claimed, the Afghan refugees were ‘being abandoned by the world’.

More than 85,000 Afghan nationals living in the country illegally have crossed the Chaman border into Afghanistan, marking a significant milestone in the ongoing repatriation effort.