FIA arrests three bank officers in Rs58.2m scam

FIA arrests three bank officers in Rs58.2m scam


The suspect deposited the amount with a bank branch in Peshawar

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LAHORE (Dunya News) – The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) claims to have arrested three bank officials a few days after they apprehended a man on the charge of depositing Rs58.2 million counterfeit currency with a bank. 

The suspect deposited the amount with a bank in Peshawar and he was arrested two days later in Lahore where he visited the bank branch to draw cash. 

The FIA has now arrested branch manager Sher Quddus, Manager Operations Muhammad Atif and an official, Abdur Rehman.

Investigation revealed that the cashier of the branch was deaf-mute and the FIA team got his statement. 

On April 27 last, an FIA team arrested Haroon, a resident of Peshawar, who deposited counterfeit currency worth Rs58.2 million with a private bank branch in his hometown.

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Two days later (on April 29), officials said, the suspect withdrew Rs5 million from the bank branch in Lahore's Sundardas area.

When he tried to draw Rs20 million more, the bank manager had him arrested on the basis of information he got from the Peshawar bank, they added.

The manager of Peshawar’s bank said the amount the person deposited turned out to be counterfeit. He said the bank initially failed to detect the crime as Haroon was a familiar customer who had no previous record of any such criminal activity.

The staff claimed that suspect Haroon insisted on checking the notes before he left the bank on April 27 but he was a regular visitor and officials could not feel any suspicious activity.