Dispute over love marriage claims lives of two brothers

Dispute over love marriage claims lives of two brothers


Their brother-in-law kills them because they were unhappy with the marriage of their sister

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LAHORE (Dunya News) – A dispute over a love marriage claimed lives of two brothers in Hanjarwal area here on Tuesday night, Dunya News reported.

A man identified as Fahad along with his unidentified accomplices gunned down his two brothers-in-law when they brought back their sister from the house of her husband, Fahad.

The deceased indentified as Mudasar and Muzamil were unhappy with the love marriage of their sister with accused Fahad, and they brought back her to their home.

On the day of the incident, enraged Fahad and his accomplices gunned down the two brothers and fled.

Having being informed, police reached the crime scene and started investigation after registering a double murder case.

Police are collecting forensic evidence and recording statements from the family members of the deceased.

Different police teams have been formed to arrest the killers at the earliest, police claimed.