Indian suspension bridge collapses for a second time

Indian suspension bridge collapses for a second time


Indian suspension bridge collapses for a second time

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - A suspension bridge being built in India's poorest state collapsed for the second time in 14 months, with one person reported missing, Reuters partner ANI reported on Monday.

The bridge was being built over the River Ganges in Bhagalpur district of India's eastern state of Bihar.

Construction was scheduled to be completed in 2019 but faced multiple delays, including those caused by an earlier collapse on April 30 last year due to strong winds and rain.

"There was a massive stir over here, it felt like there was a blast. Later we found out the bridge had collapsed," Rakesh Kumar, a local resident, told ANI.

Eight men were on the bridge at the time of its collapse on Sunday, with one guard reported missing, ANI said.

ANI footage showed a section of the bridge partially submerged in water, with only some pillars and cables, connected jutting out to indicate where that portion of the structure once stood.

"We have conducted an investigation and I have reported the findings to the head of the district administration," Deputy Head of District Administration Amit Raj told ANI.

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, speaking to reporters on Monday, also promised "strict action".

"It is not being constructed correctly that is why it is collapsing. It should have been made more strong," he said.

In October last year, a colonial-era suspension bridge collapsed in the town of Morbi in the western state of Gujarat collapsed, plunging hundreds into the Machchhu river below and killing 135.

It had reopened just days earlier following months of repairs.