Japan introduces first-ever dual-mode bus, rail

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The dual-mode bus and rail has a capacity of 21 passengers.

Dunya News (Web Desk) - Japan introduces world s first dual-mode bus and rail locomotive, which runs on both roads and rail tracks.

With a capacity to carry 21 passengers, the DMV runs at a speed of 37 mph on rail tracks, and can go as fast as approximately 62 mph on public roads.

The vehicle will begin operation for the public in Japan s Tokushima town of Kaiyo on Christmas connecting isolated towns and also offering an attraction to the tourists from all over the country.

The versatile vehicle which resembles in a minibus, runs on normal rubber tyres when moving on conventional roads. As it arrives at an interchange station, steel wheels descend from the underbelly of the vehicle onto the rail track to begin transforming it into a train carriage. The train wheels lift the front tyres off the track while the rear stay in contact to provide propulsion for the DMV to move on the railway.

The exciting dual-mode bus and rail is stunningly versatile which will be the first operational DMV in the world. It switches modes in about 15 seconds. The area hopes that the dual-mode bus and rail will attract more tourists in the area.