Video shows US Coast Guards leaping on moving narco-submarine

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The drugs have a total street value of approximately $569 million, the coast guard said.

PACIFIC OCEAN (Web Desk) – Two United States (US) armed officers jumped on narco-running submarine full of drug cache, netting 17,000kg of cocaine, and alleged smugglers in the middle of Pacific Ocean.

A US Coast Guard filmed the sensational and action-packed drug bust when the armed officers landed on the semi-submersible speeding through the choppy waves which was cruising with the top of its hull just above the surface. The video showed one boat pulling up alongside the sub while a coast guard officer shouted at the suspected smugglers in Spanish.

The officer also expresses doubt about boarding the sub. “That’s going to be hard to get on,” he said in English. But the boat caught up long enough for two armed officers to hop over the side onto the surface of the sub.

Upon on boarding the submersible, the lead officer immediately started hammering on the submarine’s hatch while large waves splashed across his legs. The hatch popped up a few seconds later, revealing a man inside with his hands up in surrender.

Both officers who boarded the sub appeared to be heavily armed and entirely out of place in their camouflage fatigues. They did not appear to be equipped with life vests.

The bust was part of a major coast guard campaign that has confiscated 17,690 kilograms of cocaine and 423 kilograms of marijuana since May. The drugs have a total street value of approximately $569 million, the coast guard said.

55 smuggling suspects were arrested over 14 operations conducted in international waters off Mexico, Central and South America. The footage was recorded on June 18 in the eastern Pacific Ocean.