Petroleum Ministry says it's exploring options to avoid excessive time, long queues at petrol pumps

NEW DELHI (Web Desk) – The Petroleum Ministry in India tweeted on Friday that it was exploring options to avoid expenditure of excessive time as well as long queues at local petrol stations.

The neighbouring government plans to launch home delivery of petroleum products to consumers on pre booking. The aim is to cut down lengthy queues at fuel stations.

In a tweet today, Indian Petroleum Ministry said, “Options being explored where petro products may be door delivered to consumers on pre booking”. ““This would help consumers avoid spending excessive time and long queues at fuel stations,” it added.

People in India, very much like in Pakistan, have to stand in long queues to get their work done in public and private offices. The situation of gas stations is also not very different where vehicles lineup in mismanaged queues.

To avoid such routine problems, the Indian government plans to launch a productive service of home delivery of petroleum products. It will only work when consumers pre-order their required petroleum products.

According to reports, India is the world s third largest consumer of oil products. As many as 350 million people in India come to petrol pumps every day and over $387 million worth of transactions take place annually.