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Syrian refugees request to leave Greece

Dunya News

Some 28,000 Syrians have been caught illegally entering Greece since January

ATHENS (AFP) - Some 200 Syrian refugees protesting in Athens on Friday asked to be allowed access to other European countries, fearing deteriorating conditions in crisis-hit Greece.

"Crisis-hit Greece alone cannot support the weight of accommodating war refugees," said Nander Halbuni, a representative of the Syrians who have been camping on Syntagma Square in central Athens for over a week.

"The only solution for ourselves and our families is to have the right to go to another country to start a new life of dignity for our children," he told reporters.

The Syrians began their protest on November 19 to demand housing from the Greek authorities, after spending the previous months sleeping in parks or on the street.

Over a dozen among them who have mounted a hunger strike have been been hospitalised after fainting.

Greece is one of the main points of entry into the European Union for people fleeing war-torn and poor countries in Africa, the Middle East and the Indian sub-continent.

Many of the recent arrivals are escaping the war in Syria, where more than 200,000 people have been killed, according to UN figures.

Some 28,000 Syrians have been caught illegally entering Greece since January, compared to just 8,500 last year.