Man finds cockroach living in his ear

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I've never seen this before. I've read about it, but never seen it, said the doctor.

(Web Desk) –  A man has revealed that a cockroach was found inside his ear in Auckland, New Zealand.

Zane Wedding has shared the picture of the tiny creature on his facebook page, while alarming people to not take it easy if they ever feel something crawling inside their ear. As it’s generally not expected to find an insect living inside someone s ear, so there is a high possibility for taking it to be something else like Zane did. He further expressed in his post that with such a condition people should get it checked straight away.

A cockroach in your ear might be the creepiest thought for many that Zane had lived through. He had been feeling something moving inside his ear, and thought it to be water as he went for a swim in recent time. After getting it checked and even taking measures as suggested by the doctor, the weird feeling was still there.

Later he was even told by the doctor that it could be tumor. At last it got sorted as the doctor pulled a cockroach out of his ear.

While sharing the picture of cockroach on facebook he stated, “Went for a second opinion today at a different doctor and had a cockroach removed from my ear. Three days with a roach in my ear.”

The doctor who pulled the tiny insect out of Zane’s ear expressed how shocked she was that the cockroach had been residing in his ear the whole time.

“I have never seen this before. I have read about it, but never seen it ,” she said.

Zane wedding shared this horrifying experience claiming that it taught him to always seek a second opinion when it concerns your body.