Large spider interrupts Australian official's news conference

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Huntsman spiders are large and can carry a painful bite

(Web Desk) – A health official in Queensland, Australia, had her COVID-19 news conference interrupted by a large huntsman spider.

Queensland Health Minister Yvette D Ath was conducting an outdoor news conference to discuss the need for businesses to comply with recent vaccination policies when someone point out there was a large spider on her podium.

"Okay, can somebody please get that spider off?" D Ath asked.

Chief Health Officer John Gerrard attempted to shoo the huntsman spider away with some papers, but the officials soon lost track of the arachnid.

"This shows how controlled I can be," D Ath joked. "I don t like huntsmans, but I m going to keep going. If he comes anywhere near my face, let me know."

The spider was spotted by D Ath s feet, but eventually wandered away.

"Well, that was a moment, wasn t it?" she said. "We ve got COVID and we ve got spiders."

Huntsman spiders are large and can carry a painful bite, but the bites are not considered dangerous to humans.