World's most expensive burger costs $6,000

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World's most expensive burger costs $6,000

(Web Desk) - An enterprising chef has crafted the world s most expensive burger and it costs nearly as much as a new Rolex.

Robbert Jan de Veen of De Daltons diner in Voorthuizen, Netherlands is responsible for the ultra-decadent take on the everyday burger. While perusing the Guinness World Records archives, Veen saw that the previous priciest hamburger was crowned back in 2011 courtesy of an Oregon restaurant s gargantuan stunt burger.

“That burger had a price tag of about $5,000 and weighed 777 pounds,” he said. "That’s definitely not for one person, so I thought I can do better than that."

Rather than relying on sheer size, Veen set out to create a bonkers single-serve burger with luxe ingredients like a Wagyu beef patty, gold leaf and Dom Perignon-infused bun, Beluga caviar and a Macallan scotch bbq sauce to set the new record at a truly absurd $5,964 per burger and that s before tax and tip.