Indonesian groom goes to wrong wedding venue, nearly marries a stranger

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Indonesian groom arrived at the wrong address with his wedding party after a GPS mix-up

(Web Desk) - A GPS snafu almost led a groom to marry the wrong woman in Indonesia.

On April 4, the groom, whose identity has not been disclosed, used Google Maps to get to his wedding venue in Magelang, a city in Central Java.

However, the engaged man wound up at the wrong address. Instead of the arriving at the venue where his wedding was supposed to take place, the groom and his entourage stopped at the house that was highlighted on the location app.

Unbeknownst to the group, an engagement party was being hosted at the house for another couple, complete with loved ones and photographer present.

The groom’s entourage reportedly shook hands with the family, exchanged offerings and took what they thought were their seats.

It was not clear to the two groups that a mishap had occurred since the groom’s guests assumed the attendees who were already there were family members of the bride. Meanwhile, the woman’s family assumed the new arrivals were family members of the fiancé.

The fiancé and his family were actually late for the event, which didn’t help either, according to bride-to-be Ulfa. She told that she had been getting her makeup done at the time of her lost groom’s arrival.

When the mistake was finally discovered, the groom and his wedding party promptly exited the home with their offerings in tow.