Rare 'harpy' eagle shocks internet with its uncanny human appearance

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Harpy eagles are incredibly intelligent creatures, shared an eagle expert Fergus Beeley.

BRAZIL (Web Desk) – Pictures of mighty eagle known as Harpy Eagle has been circulating on the internet shocking many people around the globe, for many, the harpy resembles a human in a costume of a giant bird.

The images –shared by a Twitter user and a reddit user – show the eagle from different angles. At one of the images, a man is also seen with the bird. Another image is a collage of three pictures - close up of the bird’s face, the bird sitting with the man, and the eagle’s front side. It’s the captions accompanying the posts that identify the bird as Harpy Eagle.

“It looks like a person wearing a costume,” wrote a reddit user. “Maybe we are all just eagles wearing human costumes,” jokingly commented another. “Is that Bird Person??” commented a third. “It looks like a person dressed as an eagle in a kid’s video,” wrote a fourth.

“I’m amazed by the harpy eagle. These are incredibly intelligent creatures,” told an eagle expert Fergus Beeley on a BBC documentary about Harpy Eagles, cited The Guardian. “And it’s indisputably the world’s most powerful eagle,” he added.