In China's 'richest village', every resident has over $100K in bank

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Everyone in Huaxis 2,000 population is said to have more than one million yuan $143,000) in bank.

BEIJING (Agencies) - Huaxi is a village in China where every resident has over $100K in the bank  -- but once you leave you lose everything.

Every one of its 2,000 residents is said to have more than one million yuan $143,000) in the bank; and each family is given a car and a villa by the authority once they move in. But the catch is, once you leave, you leave lose all your belongs.

Huaxi, in east China, has a 72-storey skyscraper, helicopter taxis and rows upon rows of lavish villas for its residents. The village s hotel contains a $11K/$13K-per-night presidential suite and an ox statue made of gold.

The community, dubbed  the richest village in China , celebrated its 55th anniversary last month.

The village also has its own luxury transport company, which sends, not cars, but helicopters to shuttle its residents. The operator, Tongyong Airline Company, said all journeys to surrounding cities could be made in less than 10 minutes.

To show off its economic might, the village even spent three billion yuan $430million) building its own skyscraper in 2011. The 72-storey structure is dubbed the Hanging Village of Huaxi.

Soaring 328 metres (1,076ft) into the sky of Huaxi, the impressive building is four metres taller than the Eiffel Tower (324m) in Paris, nine metres taller than the Chrysler Building (319m) in New York and 18 metres taller than the Shard (309m) in Central London.

Inside the towering structure is the  super five-star  Long Wish International Hotel. The 826-room hotel contains 16 presidential suites and one  gold  presidential suite which will cost the guest a 100,000-yuan dent (£11,600) to check in for the night.

The presidential suites are typical representations of the Chinese ideas of wealth: large crystal chandeliers, gilded shelves, marble baths, and mahogany furniture.

On the 60th floor, the same level of the golden presidential suite, there is not just an amazing view to be enjoyed, but also a bling statue of an ox crafted from one tonne of pure gold.

Chinese state media have used the village to prove the success of the leadership of Communist Party. However, some people have challenged its centralised system, suggesting its prosperity was a hoax.