Researchers unveil recyclable 'water battery' safe from explosion

Researchers unveil recyclable 'water battery' safe from explosion


A safe and sustainable breakthrough revolutionizing energy storage

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(Web Desk) - In a groundbreaking development led by RMIT University, an international team of researchers and industry partners has introduced a revolutionary innovation – recyclable 'water batteries' that offer safety and eliminate the risk of catching fire or exploding.

While lithium-ion energy storage dominates the market, its limitations in large-scale grid energy storage, particularly regarding safety concerns, prompted the creation of this cutting-edge aqueous energy storage device.

Unlike traditional lithium-ion batteries, this newly designed battery employs water instead of organic electrolytes, rendering it much safer and impervious to combustion or explosions.

Distinguished Professor Tianyi Ma, the lead researcher, highlights a key advantage: the batteries can be safely disassembled, and the materials used are recyclable, addressing the end-of-life disposal challenges currently faced globally with existing energy storage technology.

The inclusion of naturally abundant and less toxic materials such as magnesium and zinc not only reduces manufacturing costs but also lessens risks to human health and the environment.

The simplicity of the manufacturing processes makes mass production feasible, positioning these water batteries as an ideal choice for large-scale applications like grid storage and renewable energy integration.

Importantly, their safety profile makes them well-suited for deployment in critical applications.

As technology progresses, there is potential for these innovative batteries to find application in smaller-scale energy storage, such as powering homes and entertainment devices.

The development marks a significant leap forward in the realm of energy storage, promising enhanced performance, extended lifespan, and a safer, more sustainable future for power storage solutions.