Mysterious alien metal found inside ancient objects buried in a gravel pit

Mysterious alien metal found inside ancient objects buried in a gravel pit


It's thought the metal that made the objects was brought to Earth on a meteorite

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(Web Desk) - Scientists have discovered two ancient artifacts made from metal that's not from Earth.

The unusual discovery was made 61 years after a hoard of Iberian Bronze Age treasure was unearthed in a gravel pit in Spain.

Researchers now think they're made out of iron from meteorites and not from any metal that was collected on Earth.
They have published their findings in the journal Trabajos de Prehistoria.

"The presence in the Villena Treasure (Alicante) of two pieces of iron, a hollow semisphere and an open bracelet or ring, has generated controversy around its chronology since its discovery in 1963.”

"Data from new analyzes are presented, the results of which support in favor of both pieces being made of meteoritic iron, implying the possibility of locating their chronology at some point in the Late Bronze Age prior to the beginning of the production of terrestrial iron," the researchers wrote.

The scientists hope further research will help confirm their findings.
In 1963, the Treasure of Villena was unearthed in Alicante in Spain.

"Discovered on December 1, 1963 by Mr. José María Soler, the Treasure of Villena is a spectacular set of 66 pieces of various metals made up of bowls, bracelets, bottles and various pieces of gold ornament, three silver bottles, an iron bracelet, another iron piece with gold ornaments and an amber and gold button.

"In total, a unique hoard of almost 10 kilos of gold, which was hidden 3,000 years ago and is considered the most important prehistoric treasure in Europe," explains the website of Villena's Archaeological Museum.