Don't put your wet iPhone in rice, scientists warn

Don't put your wet iPhone in rice, scientists warn


Charge your iPhone after 30 minutes of the drying up

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(Web Desk) - The American Automobile Technology company has issued a regulatory warning against the age-old practice of putting a waterlogged iPhone in a bag of rice for drying.

Contrary to popular belief, scientists have found that this method may actually be detrimental to your device.

When faced with the unfortunate circumstance of a waterlogged iPhone, it is advised to steer clear of the rice treatment. The company emphasizes that rice grains can cause damage to the intricate components of the iPhone, leading to potential long-term issues.

Instead, experts recommend a more effective and safer method for drying your wet iPhone. The first step involves laying the device down on a flat surface with the connector facing downward. This position encourages the water to drain away from the internal components.

After allowing the iPhone to rest in this position for a reasonable amount of time, typically around 30 minutes, it is suggested to move it to a dry environment. Placing the device in a dry place helps to expedite the evaporation process.

Once the initial drying phase is complete, users can attempt to charge their iPhones with confidence, knowing that the risk of damage from residual moisture has been minimized. This method, endorsed by experts, ensures a safer and more effective recovery process for water-damaged iPhones.

It is essential for iPhone users to be aware of these updated recommendations to avoid potential harm to their devices. As technology evolves, so too should our approach to troubleshooting common issues, such as water damage.