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A new age of digital storytelling in Middle East

A new age of digital storytelling in Middle East


The Arab youth are at the heart of this transformation

(Web Desk) - Over the past three decades, we’ve observed the entire world digitalizing itself; this isn’t merely a bandwagon effect but a strategic endeavor to be where the audience is, understanding and adapting to their evolving needs.

Simply being digital isn’t revolutionary anymore; what matters is how that potential is harnessed.
The Arab youth are at the heart of this transformation, especially in the MENA region. They are not passive consumers, but dynamic creators, influencers, and opinion shapers, playing an increasingly pivotal role.

Here, a growing contingent is influencing both popular culture and global narratives. Platforms like TikTok have become instrumental, with younger generations abandoning traditional news sources and embracing these digital mediums.

Modern influencers are the evolved counterparts of yesteryears’ journalists and anchors, but their reach is broader and more influential.

In this vibrant, digitalized space, blinx, stationed in Dubai Media City and with its army of nearly 150 young professionals from across the region, it is seeks to redefine content creation by crafting resonant, inspirational narratives that transcend content in an Arabic first format, partnering and working with young creators as the face of their news.

Born as a response to the Middle East’s underserved content creation realm, blinx aims to fill a gap in a market teeming with creators, storytellers, and influencers eager to captivate global audiences.

Nakhle Elhage, blinx’s general manager, said: “Content creators aim to shift perspectives, epitomizing the youth’s dynamism — the very essence of blinx.” In support of this vision, blinx offers state-of-the-art resources, from immersive reality and Metaverse studios to AI tools and advanced analytics.

This arsenal empowers creators to weave compelling tales, amplifying youthful voices, and raising their stories to new pinnacles.

Blinx is setting its stalls out with no-frills facts and verifiable information in its content.

Blinx’s future trajectory after its recent Summer 2023 launch is about deepening its engagement with Gen Z and Millennials, and reinforcing its commitment to authentic storytelling.

Given the age’s inclination towards entrepreneurship and the existing gap in employment opportunities, the newcomers also represent a landscape for tomorrow that fully incorporates them as consumers and authors.