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Chinese scientists make breakthrough in quantum computing

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The experiments have exceeded many global records as for a variety of key indicators.

CHINA (Reuters) - Chinese scientists have made another breakthrough in quantum computing, which is regarded by international scholars as a "trampoline for the upcoming quantum computational supremacy".

The research results were released recently in the scientific journal Physical Review Letters, down to the joint efforts from a team of Chinese researchers including Lu Chaoyang and Pan Jianwei from the University of Science and Technology of China.

It is a phased target for international quantum computing researchers to realize the demonstration of an advantage of quantum computing experiments over classical computers. And Boson sampling is one of the most widely recognized method to achieve the goal worldwide.

By using highly efficient and indistinguishable single photons, together with the largest scale ultra-low-loss optical interferometer, the Chinese scientists have realized the Boson sampling quantum computing experiments by feeding 20 pure single photons into a 60-mode interferometer, the first of its kind across the world.

The experiments have exceeded many global records as for a variety of key indicators. They are expected to advance the research and development of the quantum computer on Boson sampling that can transcend supercomputers in near future.

Calling the research a milestone in the field of quantum computing, the American Physical Society described the results as an approach to the "point where a classical system cannot feasibly mimic a quantum system" on its official website.