Do we think from brain or heart?

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Modern science has brought to the fore some discoveries which are completely compatible with Quran

LAHORE: (Daily Dunya) – It is not science’s job to tell people how they should lead their lives. Science is basically an explanation of God’s creation. However, science is dominated by certain bigoted scientists today. They’ve not only misunderstood the scope of science but have also pitched it as a parallel to religion. If we look at science and Islam closely with an open heart, we’d only find out that they are coming closer and closer each passing day. The reason behind writing this piece is not to compare Quran with science but to highlight the fact that it is these modern discoveries in science that actually conform to the truthfulness of Islam. And it was necessary to write this only because it has become a fashion today to dishonor the religious holy books by classifying them as outdated. If we look closely, the modernity is alive today with all its dilemmas just because we’re overwhelmed and impressed into a certain mindset. And due to this inferiority complex, we have started to consider scientific disciplines as a parallel system to religion, whereas in reality it is nothing but a delusion.

Atheists use science, which is mainly based on physical studies, in order to defend their illogical and confused ideologies and try to take advantage by forcefully making science part of an ideological debate. The responsibility for this lies mainly with the modern scientists who are atheists themselves and misuse their position to create confusion about God’s existence, declaring science and religion as contradictory to each other. They are like a group that occupies the leadership of a movement by force and then tries to change its direction. But because Islam and Quran are representatives of God, science itself becomes a tool for Islam. Let’s take a look at how Quran and modern discoveries are actually in total compatibility.

Where do ideas reside: Brain or Heart?

It is generally believed that the emotions and ideas are mainly linked with the heart and our routine discussions also express the same. For example, my heart wants to do this, or I just thought in my heart, etc. To express the emotions of love, we generally make a heart too. Philosophers have almost always believed that heart is the main originator of the emotions like love, hatred, enmity, jealousy etc. But after the advancement of science, scientists declared this opinion as false because according to science, the neurons present in the brain are the real originators of emotions and ideas through a very complex system. Science has not yet found anything that would prove the role of heart in creating emotions. Therefore, science believes that it is brain that thinks, not the heart. But salute to the curiosity of scientists who do everything in their power to explore everything. Modern science is opening new horizons regarding the understanding of the complex working of brain. Some scientists are working in this regard to investigate how the heart takes instructions from the brain and whether it can work like a brain too. Or does the human heart contain the abilities possessed by the brain?

It is important to know how brain and heart coordinate and how the heart thinks. The basic investigation on the role of heart in the creation of emotions is being conducted in Heart and Math Institute, California. Let’s take a look at this modern scientific research. Some of the following excerpts are extremely surprising:

“Heart and brain continuously remain in discussion with each other but heart and its system sends more messages to the brain than the brain send to them”.

It goes on, “In the recent research on neuro-cardiology’s new field, heart is a sensory organ and a center to sort information. It has quite a complex nervous system, which makes it heart’s brain. There are certain circuits in it that allow it to learn, investigate and decide independently. It is surprising for everyone that the internal extremely disciplined nervous system inside the heart makes it capable of long and short term communications”.

Now look at what Quran says about it:

And We have already created man and know what his soul whispers to him, and We are closer to him than [his] jugular vein.

The scientists today must be shocked upon learning this statement made in Quran 1400 years ago. Quran told it 14 centuries ago that heart was the real originator of emotions. Therefore, Quran says that brain’s position is secondary and the center of the soul and body is actually heart. It is the heart that has the primary position in decisions regarding actions of a person and it has such a link with the brain that will only be explained in a further, more complex research that might prove heart’s independent working.

The story was researched by Mujeeb ul-Haq Haqqi and was originally published on Daily Dunya s Sunday magazine.