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Messi says he faced severe criticism before world cup glory

Messi says he faced severe criticism before world cup glory


Star footballer reveals critics have been unfair to him

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BUENOS AIRES (Web Desk) - Argentinian success in the last year's tournament cemented Messi's footballing legacy alongside the very finest players in history.

Many have already considered the forward to be the greatest in history before the tournament. However, winning the World Cup allowed Messi to unequivocally stand alongside the likes of Pele and Maradona.

Messi explained the love he was receiving from Argentinian's now, even a year after the celebrations, was a result of winning the tournament.

Messi also told about his sufferings before the tournament: "I had a bad time. My family and the people who love me did too. [The critics] were very unfair to a generation of players and they said a lot of bad things about me. Today 95 percent or 100 percent of Argentines love me and that's a beautiful feeling."

On his legacy, Messi said: "I was lucky I achieved everything at club level with Barcelona and also on an individual level. [The World Cup] was the only thing that eluded me. There are very few players who can say that they have achieved everything and thanks to God I am one of them."

Messi and Argentina will play in the Copa America next year as they look to defend their title and add yet another trophy to Messi's collection. As for the 2026 World Cup, it remains to be seen if Messi will still be playing for Argentina having admitted he is playing in a lower level league in the MLS.