Want to play good game in Hockey Men's Jr WC: Coach

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Want to play good game in Hockey Men's Jr WC: Coach

ISLAMABAD (APP) - Pakistani coach Danish Kaleem want players to play good hockey in the FIH Odisha Hockey Men’s Junior World Cup Bhubaneswar 2021 saying we would try to surprise the other teams.

With less than 24 hours left before the start of the FIH Odisha Hockey Men’s Junior World Cup Bhubaneswar 2021, all head coaches shed view about their teams on the mega event. “Due to COVID-19 pandemic, we couldn’t expose our boys to international hockey but even in these trying circumstances, we will try our level best to perform in this event and we will try to reach the podium.

The boys are very excited to play in a World Cup, it is the vision of any player to compete in this sort of tournament. There are 16 teams competing in this event so not only will they play hockey but they will learn from watching these 16 nations. “We will play good hockey and we will try to surprise the others and we hope they will send us good wishes and that they will pray for our victory,” Danish Kaleem said.

Indian coach Graham Reid said, “Our objective is to make that final game. To put ourselves in that category we first need to win the first three games in our Pool. So, we will be taking each game as it comes. That’s the first objective. After that, obviously if we end up in the quarter-finals and then the semi-finals, we’ll go from there. But certainly, we aim to be there at the end.

Netherlands coach Michiel van der Struijk said, “It’s very good for the players’ experience to play other cultures. It’s also good for their education so that they can finally join the national Men’s team, which is what they’re all looking for. Therefore, it’s also important that we learn a lot here. And of course, we want to win the tournament!

Canadian coach Indy Sehmbi said, “It’s about getting consistent efforts from our group. At the Junior level, you don’t get as many games, so you don’t get a chance to test yourself as much, so for us here, it’s just about us going to play our best game and see how we go against some of the best teams in the world. I think the Junior World Cup is now considered a major event on the FIH calendar. It’s huge for our young athletes.”

Poland coach Jacek Adrian said, “For my players and for my team, this event is a good opportunity to play with the best hockey teams in the world. Our ambition is to play good hockey. We’ll try to do our best during this tournament.

USA coach Pat Harris said, “Being at the Junior World Cup is obviously a huge step for USA field hockey and in particular our junior team. I know the boys are excited at the opportunity to develop and see what the world’s best are doing.”

South African coach Sihle Ntuli said, “The South African team’s highest finish was 10th at the last Junior World Cup so our objective is to finish in the top eight to get a quarter-final and, from there, we will take it one game at a time.”

Germany coach Valentin Altenburg said, “We came here to Bhubaneswar with the ambition to play successful and attractive. Especially after these difficult two COVID years, my team and I are very thankful and even more motivated than ever before to compete against the friends from around the world.

I believe every minute on the pitch in the next couple of weeks will make my team a better team.”

Korean coach Kim Jongyi said, “We are aiming for the quarter-final we will do our best. It is important to beat our rivals for the future of Korean hockey.”

Spain coach Alejandro Siri said, “Our objective is to reach the first positions of the group so that we then play for the first eight positions of the tournament. Then, we aim to go as high as we can in the competition.”

Belgium coach Jeroen Baart said, “Last time in 2016 we went to the final, so all the boys have ambitions to go very far. Let’s start with the pool games and afterwards we’ll see game-by-game.”

Argentina coach Lucas Rey said, “Our mission as a team is to have a good performance during the whole tournament. It is very important. It is the most beautiful tournament under-21 to play, so we hope the players can enjoy it.”

France coach Aymeric Bergamo said, “Our mission is to play each match to the best of our ability, and for that we need a lot of mental strength. We want our hockey team to get out of the group stages and, if we succeed, we will do everything in our power to continue.”

Chile coach Alejandro Gomez said, “Our objective is to reach the highest possible position in this tournament. We haven’t come here for a walk around, we’re here to compete and we’re going to do that the best we can.”

Malaysian coach Wallace Tan said, “It’s important for the players to experience playing in the FIH Hockey Junior World Cup. It’s an important tournament for the careers of young players as it will help them step up to the senior level.”

Egypt coach Abu-Talib Maggid said, “Our objective is to give an opportunity, some exposure and also some experience to future national players, as well as preparing the team for which most of them will be eligible to play for the next Junior World Cup as well.”