Mewish's hockey drive, Sindh govt grants PHF funds for revival

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Mehwish recently spoke up to bring back hockey to its formal glory

(Web Desk) – Mehwish Hayat’s efforts for Hockey’s revival have finally paid-off with Sindh Govt granting PHF Rs.10 crore.

‘Hard work never goes unnoticed. This made my day! The Sindh Govt has granted PHF Rs.10 crore of which 2.5 has already been handed over. The renaissance of Pakistan Hockey has truly begun - lets keep the pressure up & momentum going. We will get Gold in Tokyo 2024 InshaAllah,’ she added.

Mehwish recently spoke up to bring back hockey to its formal glory; she was appalled at the way it was being neglected and destroyed by not only non-interest by the governing bodies but also taking it off from the national airwaves.

‘Dismayed to learn the final of the national hockey championships won’t be shown Live. 4get commercial channels,bt shouldn t our national broadcaster be showin this imp event?Come on PTV step up,our national sport deserves more.’

She recently visited an under 16 hockey girl’s camp in Sukker and was proud to see them keeping strong and working towards making their dreams come true.

‘It was a real pleasure to meet these fabulous girls in Sukkar and support this wonderful initiative. Glad to see that hockey has a future.’

She believed that the girls are motivated and will make the nation proud.

‘Heartened by what I saw. The passion for the sport is there in the young, just need to build on it. They are going to be making Pakistan proud one day! InshaAllah!.’