The arrest of RAW agent turns out to be a goldmine for agencies

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Major blow to RAW offensive as ISI cages the 'Blue Bird'

Dunya News Report (Humaira Sajid)

ISLAMABAD – Director General Inter Services of Public Relations (ISPR) Asim Saleem Bajwa said in a joint press briefing on Tuesday, that the arrest of Indian spy Kulbhushan Yadav is a huge success for Pakistan.
Indian RAW Strategist for coordinating Political Violence and Urban insurgencies Kulbhushan Yadav , was detained by the Pakistani authorities last week after which he confessed his links to the Indian secret agency RAW and its involvement in destabilizing Pakistan. In a video aired during a joint press conference, held by DG ISPR Asim Bajwa, Yadav admitted that he is an active Indian Naval officer and was working in Pakistan at the behest of RAW.

During an interview with a private news channel, a Pakistani political commentator, Zaid Hamid, said that India has been caught with their pants down and their real face has come in front of the whole world due to the arrest of RAW’s agent, Kulbashan Yadav. It is a ‘goldmine’ case for the Pakistani agencies because they have achieved an opportunity to play diplomacy against Pakistan‘s biggest enemy, India, and also now there are prospects of classifying Pakistan as the victim of terrorism, that is being funded and organized by India.

Zaid said that India has been funding Daesh to get weapons and other explosives, especially in Iraq and Syria, from where they operate. He added that Pakistan needs to “build” their case in front of the international community so as to come clean out of the international propaganda, being run by India globally, that Pakistan is a terrorist state.

However, India has denied that the confessions made by Yadav were at freewill, claiming that the man was tortured and he might have been abducted from Iran, Chabahar – from where Yadav had been operating and had succeeded in establishing his base. In the video Yadav had confessed of working for the Indian navy, with his retirement in 2022. He described how he visited Pakistan on numerous occasions in 2003 and 2004.

“I was hired by RAW in 2013 as the head of operations in Baluchistan and Karachi and assisting BLA was also under my responsibilities,” Yadav said. “I was assigned to give financial support to Baloch insurgents, killing of Pakistanis, destroying the sensitive installations in Baluchistan, and conducting bomb blasts.”

He continued: “I was arrested on March 3, 2016 near the Pak-Iran border by the Pakistani intelligence agencies. After knowing that I was being arrested by the Pakistani intelligence agency and that all my plans have been compromised, I disclosed my Navy identity. Following this the Pakistani agencies have treated me very well.”

In the video Yadav said that he is still a serving officer of Indian Navy and his main aim is to destroy peace in Pakistan. “For this purpose RAW is supporting Baloch insurgents. I have been in direct contact with Joint Secretary of RAW Aneel Kumar Gupta,” he said.

Yadav also revealed that RAW is creating a stronghold of Daesh (Khawarijis) in the Karachi city for carrying out terrorist activities, a revelation that has only strengthened the omnipresent view about the existence of Daesh in Pakistan.

The hunt for the senior operative of Indian intelligence agency RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) was on for more than one and a half year under a secret operation code named as the ‘Blue Bird’. The DG ISPR further revealed in his briefing that Yadav was directly handled by NSA chief, RAW chief and a specific Indian minister.

“Yadav took the cover of a Muslim and came to Karachi and brought the scrap from Karachi port. He is now involved in a jewelry business in Baluchistan,” Lt General Baja said. “His arrest proves that there is network of RAW working in Pakistan. When he was arrested he had the maps of Pakistan, maps of sensitive installments, weapons and other highly sensitive material.

“His responsibility was to establish network of people in Pakistan, send people to India for training and bringing them back,” he said.

“He was involved in Mehran Base Attack, murder of M. Aslam, was planning to attack at Gwadar Hotel in Gwadar to target Chinese workers. His future plan was to target CPEC and Gwadar port directly and for this purpose he was suppose to infiltrate 30 to 40 RAW agents in Pakistan. Further he wanted to resurface the ending Baluchistan insurgency.”

Hussain Zaidi, who happens to be an investigative journalist working with one of the top Indian newspapers and is also an author of six books, including the one based on Mumbai mafias, has claimed that Kulbashan Yadav was probably issued a bogus Indian passport with cover name Husain Mubarak Patel -which happens in the most cases of spies. Hussain also confirmed the excerpts of Pakistani version of Kulbashan Yadav’s story, proving him once and for all an Indian spy.