Omar Ayub grills govt for economic tailspin

Omar Ayub grills govt for economic tailspin


PTI leader lambasts govt for country's economic downturn

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ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Opposition Leader in National Assembly Omar Ayub Khan on Saturday lashed out at the government for complete collapse of the economy.

Speaking on the floor of National Assembly, the opposition leader flayed the government for spreading lies about the actual economic health of the country.

He recalled during his fiery speech that Rs426.4 billion were recovered during the PTI government. He also claimed that the KP government has achieved its provincial surplus adding that the Sindh government’s provincial surplus was still zero.

“People of all intelligence agencies are working in every jail. It must be asked that who is responsible for the intelligence failure. Our workers were picked up yesterday for staging peaceful protest. The arrest of our workers in condemnable. I know my statements are incisive for people sitting on the other side of the aisle.” He added.

MQM-P leader Mustafa Kamal also spoke during the NA session where he said that country is under shedload of debts which amount to Rs78,000 billion.

He further said that a whopping Rs9,775 billion have been earmarked for debt servicing in fiscal year 2024-25. He termed debt servicing as the main cancer for the economy.

He called out the government for presenting the budget as if everything was normal. He asked the government to review the agreements with the Independent Power Producers (IPP).