LHC seeks reply from Punjab government over wheat procurement issues

LHC seeks reply from Punjab government over wheat procurement issues


Request the court to order Punjab government to procure wheat, provide wheat sacs to farmers

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LAHORE (Dunya News) - The Lahore High Court (LHC) has sought a reply from the Punjab government regarding a lack of procurement of wheat from farmers and the provision of wheat sacks to them. 

LHC's Justice Shahid Karim heard the petition filed by Advocate Farhat Manzoor Chandio. 

The petition made the Punjab chief secretary and others respondents. 

Assistant Advocate General Hassan Ijaz Cheema, representing the Punjab government, appeared before the court.  

The petitioner questioned the Punjab government's failure to adhere to its policy of purchasing wheat at a fixed price of Rs3,900 per 40kg. 

According to the petitioner, despite the government's obligation to commence wheat procurement from farmers starting April 22, delay has left farmers in the lurch. 

The petitioner argued that the government had yet to initiate the procurement process, forcing farmers to sell their produce to private sector at lower prices. 

The petitioner highlighted a lack of timely provision of wheat sacks, exacerbating the challenges faced by farmers who were unable to store their harvest adequately, leading to significant wastage. 

He requested the court to direct the Punjab government to immediately commence wheat procurement at government rates and ensure  prompt provision of wheat sacks to farmers. 

Consequently, the LHC sought a response from the Punjab government and other parties concerned in the next hearing.