China to fully support Pakistan's counterterrorism efforts, says Ambassador Zaidong

China to fully support Pakistan's counterterrorism efforts, says Ambassador Zaidong


China to fully support Pakistan’s counterterrorism efforts, says Ambassador Zaidong

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ISLAMABAD (APP) – Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Jiang Zaidong reaffirmed on Thursday that China would fully support Pakistan’s efforts to combat terrorism.

In a televised interview, the ambassador stated that China would ensure the security of the people and interests of the two brotherly countries, pledging to work shoulder to shoulder with Pakistan.

Zaidong emphasised that China’s collaboration with Pakistan would thwart attempts to sabotage the bilateral relationship between the two countries.

He also highlighted the increased strategic importance of China-Pakistan ties in the evolving global dynamics.

The ambassador underscored his country’s commitment to advancing the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), emphasising its transformative impact.

“With over $25 billion in direct investments and substantial infrastructure development, the CPEC has not only created thousands of jobs but also facilitated significant advancements in power generation and transportation infrastructure,” he added.

Recognising the intertwined security interests of Pakistan and China, Zaidong accentuated the importance of mutual exchange of thoughts and expertise.

He underscored the shared destiny of both nations, envisioning a broader societal impact through their collaboration.

Regarding the terrorist attack on Chinese nationals [working on the Dasu dam], the ambassador praised the Pakistani government for its swift response and thanked the people of Pakistan for their solidarity and condolences.