CM Maryam felicitates Sikh community on Baisakhi

CM Maryam felicitates Sikh community on Baisakhi


CM Maryam extends warm greetings to Sikh community at Kartarpur

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KARTARPUR (Dunya News) - Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif extended warm greetings to the Sikh community, expressing joy at the celebration of the Baisakhi celebration in Kartarpur.

CM Maryam conveyed congratulations on behalf of herself and former PM Nawaz Sharif, highlighting the significance of the occasion.

The CM expressed regret that Nawaz Sharif couldn't join her but highlighted her delight in welcoming Sikh pilgrims to Pakistan. She also underscored the historic nature of Punjab officially celebrating the Baisakhi festival for the first time.

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The CM also asserted her commitment to upholding the honour and dignity of the Sikh community, echoing her desire for Pakistani Punjabis to embrace their language as much as Indian Punjabis do.

Maryam Nawaz assured that Pakistan remains open to Sikh guests. She also expressed a desire to enhance the sacred sites of the Sikh community and extend support in various initiatives.

She pledged to serve the Sikh community and prayed for their safe return.