President greets nation on Eid, pledges support to people of Held Kashmir

President greets nation on Eid, pledges support to people of Held Kashmir


Says on this occasion of happiness, we should not forget Kashmiris

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ISLAMABAD (APP) - President Asif Ali Zardari felicitated the nation and the Muslim Ummah on the auspicious occasion of Eidul Fitr and urged them to show compassion and generosity and share their happiness with the poor and needy.

In a message, he said, “On this auspicious occasion of Eidul Fitr I felicitate and express my sincere wishes to the Pakistani nation and Muslim Ummah.”

“I pray to Allah Almighty to bring immense blessings, happiness, peace and security to everyone on this blessed day.”

“After all the fasting, prayers and charity in the sacred month of Ramazan, we should be thankful to Allah Almighty for bestowing all the blessings and happiness on us.”

“During Ramazan we submitted to will of Allah and followed the principles of compassion and generosity,” he said adding, “Eidul Fitr is the day to share our happiness with others and show generosity to the deprived sections of society.”

“On this auspicious day we should help the needy, poor, orphans and destitute and share happiness of Eid with them,” he continued.

The President said, “this auspicious occasion of Eid sends us the message that as a nation we are determined to overcome challenges, extend a helping hand to the needy and ready to work for a bright and prosperous future for everybody.”

“In our everyday lives we should make an effort to become a united and strong nation by showing brotherhood and tolerance and ensuring social and economic justice and mutual unity and solidarity,” he said, adding, “On behalf of the Pakistan nation, I want to give the message to the oppressed Muslims of Gaza and Palestine that the whole Pakistani nation express solidarity with you.”

He said, “We impress upon the international community to ensure immediate peace in Gaza and provision of assistance to the Palestinians. The oppression, barbarity and genocide by Israel is the gravest violation of human rights.”

The President said, “On this occasion of happiness, we should also not forget the people of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.”

He assured that the whole Pakistani nation stood with their Kashmiri brothers and sisters.

Pakistan would continue moral, diplomatic and political support to Kashmiris for the resolution of the Jammu and Kashmir dispute according to the United Nations resolutions and wishes of the Kashmiri people, he added.

The President said, “On the occasion of this blessed day, I pray for the welfare and prosperity of every Pakistani and the whole Muslim Ummah.

May Allah Almighty shower His blessings on our nation and keep us on the path of righteousness and bless us with unity, peace and prosperity. Ameen!”