MQM-P blasts Sindh govt over alarming rise in Karachi street crimes

MQM-P blasts Sindh govt over alarming rise in Karachi street crimes


Says criminals can’t act without police backing

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KARACHI (Web Desk) – The rising crimes in Karachi are not possible without police acting as accomplices, said MQM-P leader Faisal Subzwari who also asked why the federal government wasn’t taking notice of the alarming situation.

Regretting the fact that nothing is being done check the increase in street in crimes in the port city, he said most of the criminals at the end had always been found to be from the police, as he blasted the PPP government over the killing of dozens of people by criminals during robberies.

Subzwari censured the Sindh home minister over his comments in which he had blamed media for disproportional coverage of crimes in Karachi. He must speak only after thinking properly, otherwise, remaining silent was the best option, he remarked.

The MQM-P leader said how it was possible that the police didn’t receive a share from the criminals snatching mobile phones from citizens when they had been getting money from those involved in illegal business of Iranian oil and the goods meant for Afghan transit trade

Subzwari, who was addressing a press conference along with other party leaders, announced that they would formed neighbour committees to keep an eye on the illegal activities and criminal elements. The provincial government had failed miserably in protecting the lives and property of people, he noted.

The law and order was worsening in not just Karachi but also in the entire province, he added – a clear reference to the dacoits operating freely in the Katcha area located along Indus River in upper Sindh.

Subzwari also mentioned that the mobile phones and bikes snatched or stolen in Karachi were not “airlifted” to other parts of the country. The goods were transported by road, he said and questioned how and why the police were no able to confiscate the same.

Speaking on the occasion, another MQM-P leader Khawaja Izharul Hassan said the PPP government in Sindh had no excuse to justify its failure to control the situation given that the party had been able to get appointed the very person it wanted to see as the provincial police chief.

Khawaja also claimed that the PPP had blackmailed the PML-N’s government in Centre for the appointment of a favourite as the Sindh IGP and that the Katcha area dacoits were seemingly celebrating the move.